Mattie tries to send dual messages with her street art — to uplift and connect, and to make people stop and think.

- Huff Post

As for the future? Mattie aims to continue highlighting “societal challenges, while also playing a role in their solutions.

- Huff Post

Corie Mattie, also known as LA Hope Dealer.. .. reached outward with her art to the isolated world - which was starved for human connection. 

- High Times

 She uses her personal experiences to relate to her audience as she finds ways to communicate through wordplay and imagery. She is bold, blunt and somehow subtle in her way of saying what she has to say.

- La Weekly

The young street artist Corie Mattie painted the outline of the arm of Michelangelo’s God… in the After Times, the young who have studied closely the lessons of the past will be the salutary agents of change and rebirth.

- Artnews

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